Community Garden blooms ‘this summer’ says WERA Chair

Long awaited plans to develop a brand new community garden, in a disused area of Weir Estate could be opening its gates within the next couple of months according to WERA’s Chair, Dave McEvoy who has led on the project.

The space in a corner of Anfield Close is being developed to provide a cottage garden feel for Weir Estate Residents, and the local community. A consultation with neighbouring properties provided no objections to the project and now Lambeth Living are carrying out a tender to get preparation works underway such as the removal of the bollards, a self-rooted tree and the damaged wall surrounding the sites dominant larger tree.

There had been concerns from tree specialists as to the extent of the impact on the roots of the big tree should the tarmac be dug up, though appointed designers and environmental and community garden specialists, Touchwood Trees have decided not to remove the tarmac and instead opting to use this as a base.

The first phase of the tendering process and appointing of a contractor should get underway within the next couple weeks after which works will begin to prepare the area. Touchwood Tree’s will then host community days for residents to get involved expected to start at the Estate’s Community Day event on the 11th June.

A design has been chosen though due to the preservation of the main tree has been adjusted and will be available at the June event for viewing and comments by residents and local people.

Dave McEvoy, WERA Chair Said “I am confident that the Community Garden will be underway within a few weeks and be ready for the start of this summer. I hope residents will come out and get involved in making it happen in order to make it a real community effort to bring the garden in reality. A lot of hard work has gone into this and it will be an amazing space for local residents to enjoy.”

“We are working hard with our partners to get the garden blooming this year for all to enjoy regardless of green fingered ability. This is a very exciting time for us and I am looking forward to seeing it get underway.”

The project has been over a year in the planning and has overcome various hurdles. The entire project is being funded by Weir Estate Residents Association (WERA).

Residents will be able to get involved in developing the garden and such projects within it such as mosaic making, planting, potting, and building of installations. Various other community partners have also agreed to dig in such as the local policing Safer Neighbourhood Team officers.

WERA and Touchwood trees will have information on the garden at the community day as part of their stands.

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