Recycling on Weir Estate

Recycling bins throughout Weir Estate are being filled with non-recyclable items. These items are classed as contamination and could mean the entire contents of the recycling bin may not be recycled.

The main types of contamination are carrier bags, food waste and textiles. These cannot be placed within the recycling bins. Carrier bags can be recycled at some supermarkets. Textiles can be placed in recycling banks specifically for textiles, or you can donate them to charity.

If you use black sacks within your home to hold recycling waste, please do not put them into your shared recycling bins. When black sacks are spotted at the sorting plant it is assumed they are full of general waste and are disposed of, so please empty recycling into the recycling bin,

and dispose of black sacks with general waste.
For more information on recycling, contact Lambeth Service Centre on 020 7926 9000 or email or visit

What you can recycle…