Objectives and Priorities

Objectives and Priorities


We aim to be a collective and strong voice for all residents who live on Weir Estate, Weir Road SW12, whether they are a Council Resident or Leaseholder. We seek to represent the views and concerns of residents in a fair and unbiased manner to bring much needed change and improvement to their lives as residents of Lambeth.

We aim to encourage fair and open discussion incorporating all residents who are able to attend meetings and correspond with WERA in a way that suits their needs why seeking new ways to engage and encourage participation in the efforts of the Association regardless of Age, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Religious Beliefs. All residents can attend meetings to air their concerns and WERA will seek to tackle any matters arising for the benefit and consideration of the resident.

We will treat all residents equally and without prejudice as well as advise and assist where necessary. WERA is one voice of a community and that voice can and does make a difference.

“Our Community, One Voice”

Priorities for 2012:

Weir Estate Residents Association has agreed on these priorities at its AGM held on Tuesday, 21 February 2012.

These will be the main focus of the association for the coming year and a report will be given at the end of the year by the Chair on how and if these have been achieved.
WERA has chosen SIX priorities:

• Ensure implementation and completion of Community Garden on Anfield Close

• Investigate the association carrying out redecoration of Anfield Close, and put into practice.

• Find ways to ensure railings across the estate are repainted.

• Continue to find ways to encourage better participation from residents and include residents in WERA.

• Continue to focus on ALL estate services

• Continue to have strong working relationship with SNT and focus on reduction in crime on and around the estate.



The Weir Estate Residents Association approved a revised constitution on 8th February 2011, CLICK HERE to see the constitution.


Last reviewed: 14/07/2012