The West End of Lincoln is an historical part of the city which stretches from The Avenue at its eastern border, along the lower side of Yarborough Road to the north, down Aldermans Walk in the west, down to the Fossdyke as its southern border, and eastwards along the canal path, up Holmes Road and Carholme Road and back to The Avenue. It also includes the whole of the West Common.

The West End Resident’s Association (WERA) was formed in 1999 by Mrs Trudy Farrelly, after many residents became concerned that the make-up of the community was being altered by developers buying too many properties to turn into student accommodation. Since its formation a lot of good work has been done by the Association, not only for its long term residents,

but also for our student population.

We hold up to four public meetings a year, which are open to all residents, and we would ask that if anyone has any concerns regarding the area to come and attend the meetings and let us know. These meetings will be advertised in advance on our website, our facebook page and also by posters displayed around the area.

We also have a committee meeting about every 6 weeks, so if there is anything that you wish us to consider about anything relating to the West End then please contact us, via the form on this site. Alternatively, you can email us at

Our Committee is also represented on the Carholme Community Forum and the Commons Advisory Committee to represent your views.

Please contact us on our email address