Bins left out on street

Please help to keep the streets of the West End tidy by putting your bin away as soon as you can after it has been emptied. If you know that you are gong to be away for the weekend or for a holiday, please ask your neighbours if they could do this for you.

Bins left out not only look unsightly, but also obstruct the pavement, causing difficulties for those with buggies, mobility aids or wheelchair users, and can be very hazardous for those who are partially sighted or registered blind.

As a resident, if you become aware that a bin has been left out longer than the Wednesday after the previous Friday’s bin collection, please report this to the council using the following online link:

Rubbish accumulating in gardens can be reported to

Fly tipped items

These can be reported on

Blocked drains

These can be reported to, and we will then pass these on to the Council.

Other street matters can be reported using