The Housing Act 2004 introduced mandatory licensing for large HMOs which were defined in the Act as properties with 5 or more tenants forming more than 1 household sharing facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and/or toilets over 3 or more floors.

In October 2018, new government regulations came into force that removed the criteria of 3 more of more floors, which now means that if a property has five or more occupants that belong to two or more households sharing amenities, a licence is required, regardless of the number of floors. The regulations also brought in minimum room sizes depending on the number of people occupying the room.

  • One person aged over 10 years – room must be no less than 6.51 sqm
  • Two people aged over 10 years – room must be not less than 10.22 sqm

The City of Lincoln council publish a public record of all current properties which have a licence, on request. Unfortunately we are not allowed to publish a version of the document on this website or provide a link to a version on the council’s website. If you wish to obtain the latest verison please contact the City of Lincoln council on the email address below.

Properties that required a licence since October 2018 are being added to the public record all the time, but if you think that a property should have a licence, you can check on the council’s website, using the link below.

If you believe that a property should require a licence then please contact WERA at