Carholme Community Forum

WERA is represented on the Carholme Community Forum. This is a group that meets around ten times throughout the year to discuss and address local issues. Attendees include local councillors, other residents groups, Lincolnshire Police, the University of Lincoln and the University of Lincoln Student Union and St. Faiths’s Church.



Lincoln Commons Advisory Panel

The Commons Advisory Panel (CAP) covers Lincoln’s West Common, South Common, and Cow Paddle Common (land defined by the Lincoln City Council Act 1985).

The Commons Advisory Panel’s specific objectives are:

  • To advise the City Council in the care, maintenance, protection and preservation of the Commons.
  • To represent and protect the interests of all lawful users of the Commons, having in mind the well being of the Commons in general.
  • To take due regard to previous undertakings (including the undertaking given to the Open Spaces Society on 22nd March 1985)

The CAP meets at least four times per year. In addition there is a ‘tour of inspection’ of the Commons. Meetings are open to members of the public, however they will not be entitled to speak without the prior agreement of the Chair.

Representative groups include WERA, South Park Residents Association, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Lincoln Commons Horse Association, Carholme Golf Club and the Carholme councillors.

WERA Committee member George Wolfenden is also a long time member of the City Council Commons Advisory Committee. Any West Common issues can be referred to George for follow up via