Annual Carholme Gala – Along with Ward Councillors, WERA has been heavily involved in the organisation of the Gala. In addition, for the last few years we have made successful bids to the National Lottery for the full funding of the Gala, thus enabling families to enjoy an event without any cost other than food and drink.  

The Big Lunch– This annual family picnic, held in recent years on the West Common cricket pitch, is another West End social event which WERA has been responsible for organising.

Empty PropertiesFor several years now WERA has been pressing the City Council to take action over a number of long term empty properties in the West End. One property on Ashlin Grove has now been refurbished and brought back into use. We will continue to press the Council to take action on other properties which we have identified.

Open Gardens Day and Gardening ClubSeveral years ago a member of our committee organised a very successful Open Gardens Day around the West End. The same person also started a Gardening Club, where people could make their own hanging baskets and Christmas Wreaths among other things. Unfortunately that person left Lincoln and no-one else has been able to take on the organising of those things. If anyone is interested in re-starting either or both of those activities please email us. Some funding is available.   

Anti-Social BehaviourFollowing pressure from WERA, a number of meetings with University staff, City Council officers and the Police were set up to discuss action on Anti-Social behaviour. As a result of these meetings, a reporting system is now in place so that co-ordinated action can be taken by the Council, Police and where relevant the University. (For details of how to report an issue, see the Noise and ASB page)

Co-op DefibrillatorFunding for the defibrillator was raised by Councillor Robert Parker  and passed to WERA for holding until a suitable site was found and the machine could be purchased. WERA then completed the various administration issues around purchase and installation. The defibrillator is on the wall of the Co-op store on Carholme Rd.