Speed Indicator Device (SID)

A large part of the West End is designated as a ‘community travel zone’ and therefore is subject to a 20 MPH speed limit. Following concerns from residents, we have worked with the Long Leys Residents Association to utilise their Speed Indicator Device to remind motorists of the speed limit and to record vehicle speeds as evidence, which could be used for possible further action if speeds remain higher than expected.

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Currently, SID has been used on Hewson Road and we are investigating further potential sites between Tennyson Street and Moor Street (as a vehicle approaches the infant school); On Hampton Street, between Yarborough Road and the junior school and on West Parade (near the top of Rudgard Lane).

If you think that SID could make a difference in any other area in the West End, then please contact us, via weralincoln@gmail.com

Street Warden Scheme

The West End Resident’s Association (WERA) Street Warden scheme has been operating for some time now and has had a great deal of success in keeping our streets tidy, with the assistance of the City Council. However there are still areas of the West End which are not being covered by the scheme and more volunteer wardens are therefore required.

The main aim of the scheme is to ensure that refuse and recycling bins are taken back off the footpaths as quickly as possible after emptying. The role of the warden is to monitor a specific street (or streets) on the Monday following Friday’s bin collection. Where bins are still left out a WERA/City Council reminder card is put through the letter box at the property. If the bin is still out on the Wednesday following, the warden reports this by phone or email to WERA and the information is then forwarded to the City Council for action – usually a visit to the property in the first instance.

Other things that the wardens can report to WERA include bags of rubbish left on footpaths or accumulating in front gardens, street lights not working, drains blocked etc.

Current areas of the West End that aren’t covered are Hewson Road, Carholme Road and the streets south of Carholme Road.

If anyone is interested in joining the warden scheme, could you please email: weralincoln@gmail.com

Planning Applications

WERA receives a copy of all planning applications in our area which have been made to the City Council. These are discussed by the Committee, in order to decide whether to support or oppose, and where necessary are brought to the wider attention of West End residents. For current and recent applications, see the ‘Planning Matters’ page.

The Big Lunch

This is an annual picnic, usually on the Cricket Pitch at the West Common, in early June. We join a national event that is designed to strengthen communities, promote neighbourliness and encourage us to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Open Gardens

This is a new addition, in early June, to the activities that WERA organises. People open their gardens for their neighbours to visit. There might just be tea and cake involved as well! It is not an exhibition, nor a competition, but just an opportunity to visit the hidden gems around the West End, get to know one another and while away a sunny afternoon.

Notice Board

With kind permission from Lincoln Co-op, WERA has an information board on the wall outside the Co-op store on Carholme Road. Please contact us if you wish to display anything on the board.

Representation on local interest committees

WERA committee members also represent the needs of the West End on the following committees:

  • Carholme Community Forum
  • Lincoln Commons Advisory Panel
  • West End Spaces Playpark Committee
  • West End Lights

Residents Information Booklet: “Hello! West End. A Helpful Guide to West End Life”

For several years now WERA has produced an Information Booklet called “Hello! West End. A Helpful Guide to West End Life”, which has gone in September to every property in the West End. This functions especially to welcome those who may have newly moved into the West End. The University has recently provided funding to cover the cost of producing the booklet.  Previous versions are available below.

Due to the pandemic, no booklet was produced in 2020.