Below is the latest information from County Highways about what LCC are planning to do about bus services in the West End and Long Leys Road areas following the notice given by PC Coaches to terminate their contract at the end of May. 

‘It is the intention that the section of route including West Parade would be maintained in any future revised service and is part of the timetable which has gone out to tender. In addition to the outcome of the tender process, Plan B will include assessing whether any other route or existing service can be utilised including the recently launched North of Lincoln CallConnect bus to provide some timetabled journeys for St Georges/West End. This may also be a more suitable vehicle to reflect the passenger numbers and roads in the West End. However we will now have to wait for the outcome of the tendering process to see what bids we receive and at what cost and then we can decide on how to proceed.’

We are hoping to have a joint WERA/LLRA meeting with the council to discuss, so if anyone has any concerns/comments then could you please let me know